Introducing “eLearning Modules for Serious Games”: Empowering Learning and Collaboration with a Curriculum-Embedded Framework

June 25, 2023

We’re excited to share the outcome of WP4 “E-Learning modules for serious games“, led by University of Nis. Six innovative eLearning modules were developed, specifically designed for serious games and collaboration tools. These modules serve as a framework within existing curricula, creating an engaging learning path. By using our eLearning modules, educators can easily measure and evaluate learning outcomes, leading to improved results.

The Digital Gamified Workshops, developed in WP1, served as the foundation for each eLearning module. By tailoring the modules to these workshops, we ensured a comprehensive learning experience for learners.

The advantages of using SMARTEN’s e-modules for serious games are significant. Online learners receive valuable feedback and can identify areas for improvement. Moreover, researchers from various scientific fields can utilize our defined methodology to implement effective learning strategies in their domains. They can adapt and customize our SMARTEN e-modules to suit their specific needs.

Check out the deliverable and related materials:

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